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Java simple dead lock example

This is just a simple example to demonstrate dead lock.

[上海-支付宝-JAVA-急招-内推] 监控开发工程师/专家,行业监控工程师/专家

[上海-支付宝-JAVA-急招-内推] 监控开发工程师/专家,行业监控工程师/专家.

How to implement Spring @Enable-* annotation and register beans at runtime

We already know that Spring has a great plugin or module like system based on the @Enable-* annotation. For example, Spring Cache provides @EnableCaching to support cache abstraction, Spring Data JPA provides @EnableJpaRepositories for JPA repositories support, Spring Batch provides @EnableBatchProcessing for batch processing. So how do those annotations work and what can we benefit from them?

Java ArrayList vs LinkedList

When we are going to use a List, we were taught to write the following the code: List list = new ArrayList<>(); And to avoid another List implementation: LinkedList, is this always true and why?

Spring Seed -- A J2EE Spring framework seed project

A seed project based on Spring Framework family, including Spring Data JPA, Spring Data Redis and so on.

An implementation of CJK MMSEG tokenizer algorithm with Sogou Dictionary.

An implementation of CJK MMSEG tokenizer algorithm with Sogou Chinese Dictionary.

傲慢与偏见:Full Stack 工程师路在何方

全栈 != 一种后端语言 + 前端

Simplest way to set up your own VPN server based on AWS

Your own VPN server = AWS EC2 + docker + L2TP image Register your AWS account Use the following EC2 userdata to launch a free tier Ubuntu EC2, you need to replace YOUR_SEC,YOUR_USERNAME,YOUR_PASSWORD: